Vajrasana (thunderbolt) :steps, precautions, guaranteed benefits(100%)

Vajrasana (thunderbolt) :steps, precautions, guaranteed benefits(100%)

What is vajrasana?  Benefits of vajrasana? Precautions of vajrasana? Side effects of vajrasana? Steps of vajrasana? FAQ

Vajrasana is a most important yoga position for health as well as a meditation posture. It is also known as thunderbolt position or the diamond position or the Adamantine pose. 

 If you well known about how to do Vajrasana properly, then you can stay relief from back, neck and head pain to a great extent. But for better result get knowledge about precautions of vajrasana. 

Vajrasana is a helpful and beneficial yoga practice that you can add in your daily routine. After knowing the steps of doing Vajrasana, you can do many yogasanas like Balayam , Supta Vajrasana, Griva Chalan, Shashankasana, Ustrasana etc.

Vajrasana comes from main two words –  one is "vajra" and another is "asana". Here vajra means hard or powerful bones, and asana means position. It is the only yoga ashana which can be done after meal.

Before doing bajrashan and any discussion about benefits of vajrasana, let's discuss first how to do vajrasana properly or steps of doing vajrasana.

Steps of vajrasana  benefits of vajrasana  precautions of vajrasana 
Spread legs and sit reduces obesity  person having stiff knee should not do
Bend two leg place at hip  strengthen spine  fatty thighs can do this 
Adjust your both heals helps digestion  varicose veins can't do so
Keep butt between two ankle  practice at any time  piles patients can't do 
Place the hand on both knees  beneficial for thighs  joint pain and arthritis can't do 
Spine should be straight  its a meditational posture it self  minimum 1 min 
Maximum 15 minutes 
Close your eyes  improves breathing system  Xtrain4mation 
After vajrasana come to original reversely  prevents gas formation  Xtrain4mation 

    Steps of vajrasana or how to do vajrasana properly? 
    Perfect steps of doing vajrasana 

    Now the question arises that how to do Vajrasana yoga properly ? Here we are  going to explain some simple and proper ways, with the help of which step you will be able to do vajrasana yoga steps properly and can practice easily. 

    Precautions of vajrasana

    Steps of doing vajrasana

    1-Sit on a mat and spread your legs on the ground and keep your hands by the side of the body.
    2-Then Bend the right leg at the knee position and place leg under the right hip.
    3-Similarly bend the left one and palce it under your left butt.
    4-Adjust your both heels by which your big toes overlap themselves .
    5-keep your butt between the two ankles.
    6-Place the hands on the both two knees.
    7-Your spine should be straight at that time.
    8-When you already come to this position , try to close your eyes.
    9-Then to come to the original position, first bring your right feet forward and then the left and finally you are at original position.

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    Here above these are the proper steps of doing vajrasana. But each and every yoga, pranayams, etc will be more effective if it has done properly. So let's discuss about precautions of vajrasana.

    What are the precautions of vajrasana?
    Who should not do vajrasana? 

    As like all yoga exercises and pranayam (bhastrika pranayama) precautions of vajrasana should be followed respectively. Here are some important vajrasana precautions are as follows. 

    1-Those person whom  knees are stiff, they should not do Vajrasana.

    2-Those person whose buttocks and thighs are very fatty, they should not do vajrasana yoga because it's harmful for them .
    3-The person with varicose veins should also avoid this and should obey the all precautions of vajrasana.
    4-If any person is suffering from piles and other corresponding diseases, then they should not do vajrasana yoga after meal. They could not get any benefits of vajrasana yoga. 
    5-some people who are suffering from joint pain and mainly arthritis problem they should not do this bajrasana.
    6-one person should sit in this position for 5-7 minutes, especially after a meal.

    After this if we obey all perfect steps of vajrasana then we can get a amazing benefits of vajrasana. 

    What are the advantages of vajrasana?
    What are the benefits of vajrasana?

    1.Reduce obesity : By practicing the vajrasana properly , you can reduce your obesity with a great extent. This asana keeps your entire digestive system healthy and reduces the possibilities of undigested food and acidity which is one of the main causes of obesity. With regular practices of this vajrasana you can reduce your fatty legs,thighs. Etc. 

    2.Vajrasana Strengthen the spine: Vajrasana yoga is very beneficial for the spine. While sitting in the Vajrasana position , both of your waist and neck remain straight, which is very much beneficial for the spine of our body. 

    3.Vajrasana can Practice at any time : some yogasana can be practice at any time of day, this vajrasana is one of these few asana like "balayam/nail rubbing" that can be practiced at any time.

     You can do this yoga after meals or even on an empty stomach.

    4.It Helps in digestion of food: It is considered as very good to sit in this posture after having a meal. By sitting in this asana, your stomach gets completely stress-free, which mainly helps in the leakage of enzymes for digestive and in this way the food can digest easily at stomach.

    5.Beneficial for thighs : By practicing regularly this bajrashan , you can keep your knees, thighs, and ankles healthy and fit.

    6.Vajrasana Improves Breathing system : By practicing this asana properly , your breathing system would be improved much than before. 

    But here after vajrasana body becomes relax and it promotes breathing system comfort. 

    7.Meditational posture : vajrasana is a suitable posture for doing meditation, pranayama and tratak.

    8.Prevents gas formation : This asana keeps the digestive system healthy and helps in easy digestion of food. 

    By which it's decreases the chance of acidity and gas formation. 

    Side effects of vajrasana. 

    Vajrasana is a  normal and highly effective yoga, but it has low side effects. But at the time of doing vajrasana follow all the precautions of vajrasana Vitaly. 


    Qn1 - Should i do vajrasana (thunderbolt position) if I have knee problems? 

    No, it's personal suggest don't practice vajrasana if you are face some knee problems. For more about these type of questions and details about vajrasana the diamond pose, visit precautions of vajrasana. 

    Qn2 - How long should we sit in Vajrasana?

    Vajrasana should be done for minimum 30 seconds and maximum 15 minutes. Try to sit in vajrasana minimum time at the time of beginning but later you can extend your time limit. 

    Qn3 - Can pregnant lady sit in vajrasana? 

    Mainly when we are on vajrasana posture then their should be pressure generated at abdomen, so at the time of pregnancy it should be avoided. 

    Qn4 - Is vajrasana good for hair growth? 

    Yes vajrasana is not only prevents the hair loss but also promotes to hair regrow. 

    With different yoga and pranayam, some persons build their body with different exercises and for that exercise some protine shake must be included in their diet. 
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    From the above discussion we found that vajrasana /thunderbolt position /the diamond pose is a simple and useful yoga position. Vajrasana have more beneficial than it's side effects. So when you will try it, then keep in mind that you should follow all precautions of vajrasana /thunderbolt. 

    Also practice  regularly with proper steps of vajrasana, then you can get all  benefits of vajrasana.